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15 – 20 July, Bucharest. ROMANIA

jci europe Train the trainers

intensive 5 days program

Why should you join us

We believe that this program offers an unparalleled opportunity for members across Europe to take their leadership skills to the next level and make a tangible impact in their communities. The Train the Trainer program is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to become an effective leader and trainer. Whether you’re looking to enhance your public speaking abilities, refine your communication skills, or develop your mentoring capabilities, this program has you covered.

Our program goes beyond theoretical concepts and focuses on practical, hands-on training sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in interactive workshops, role-playing exercises, and real-world simulations that will empower you to apply your newfound skills with confidence. You’ll also have the chance to network with experienced trainers, mentors, and fellow participants, fostering valuable relationships that will support your personal and professional growth.

Upon completion of the program, you’ll receive a certification of achievement and begin your journey to meet the certification criteria at the Training Forum at Area Conference. Here’s what is included: 4 full days of training starting at 9 AM sharp | 1 full examination day | Graduation ceremony | Training materials | Coffee breaks | Snacks | 5 lunches | After-graduation dinner.

Please note that accommodation is not included in the price. We look forward to welcoming you to the Train the Trainer program and guiding you on your path to international success!

Our trainers

Esunge Ariunbold

Esunge Ariunbold, JCI Mongolia Academy Trainer, achieved the rare 2-STAR status within a year, representing JCI Mongolia at JCI ASPAC 2023. Currently, he holds roles as a CEO at Coach Lab and as JCI SDC Global Chairperson's PA.
Head Trainer

Samadi Batbold

Samadi Batbold, JCI Mongolia Academy Trainer, brings extensive experience from roles such as President of Altai Holding, President of the Mongolian Kendo Federation, and a successful retail and telecommunications director.

Ioana Andrieș

Ioana Andries, JCI Europe TTT 2024 COC Director, leverages her team leadership expertise to foster meaningful human connections and promote personal growth. She's committed to enhancing training dynamics and creating an impactful learning environment that resonates with trainers and learners alike.
COC Director

Cristina Cerga

Cristina Cerga, 2023 JCI Romania National President and 2024 CL Skill Boosting at JCI Europe, is a seasoned Brand Architect with a decade-long JCI journey. Passionate about sailing, aviation, and travel, she values time as a crucial asset and maximizes its impact in all endeavors.

Gabriela Mihoci

Gabriela Mihoci is a seasoned L&D professional with 14+ years of experience and a focus on employer branding. A trail-running mountain enthusiast, she combines her professional expertise with an adventurous spirit, even fixing cars to the beats of dubstep music.

Veaceslav Șaramet

Slavic Saramet, a prosthetic dentistry specialist and Bucharest Dental Association member, is also an active community activist, volunteering with NGOs promoting human rights and sustainability. Passionate about inspiring positive change, he serves as a role model for a better community future.

Elena Dumitru

Elena Dumitru, 2024 Local President of JCI Constanta, combines 15 years of leadership with a passion for mentoring and inspiring through NGO work. Balancing parenthood and her role, she emphasizes relationship building and aims for positive transformation.

Magda Bălțatu

Magda Baltatu, with 15 years in IT&telecommunications, is the EVP of JCI Bucharest for this year. Passionate about tech education and fluent in Italian, she delivers trainings and seeks tech-driven solutions for environmental issues.

Augustin Stanciu

Augustin Stanciu, a dedicated father and seasoned sales professional with 14 years of experience, also excels as a soft skills trainer. With 3 years in leadership, he guides teams to achieve their potential, blending family commitment, sales acumen, and a passion for personal development.

Ambra Pavel

Ambra Pavel, Business Strategist for a makeup company, integrates her passions for personal growth, acting, and business into training. With a multicultural background, she brings empathy and warmth to her approach, aiming to inspire others on their journey to success.

Enrollment fees

JCI Members 

Before 15/06/2024

 JCI Europe members are encouraged to register for the program to enhance their training skills and contribute to sharing, teaching, and disseminating their knowledge throughout the continent.

30 spots left

799 €

2 Participants Pax

Before 15/06/2024

Register with a friend and get the best offer for participating at the JCI Europe Train the Trainer intensive program. Please be aware that you both need to nail the interview to be able to secure the spots. 

10 spots left

1199 €


Between 16/06/2024 – 5/07/2024

Last chance to embark on an incredible training journey! Secure your spot for an exclusive interview and gain access to the life-changing TTT program. 🌟 Don’t hesitate, stay receptive to learning. Secure your spot as soon as you can.

spots announced after 15.06

999 €

Enrollment Process

15/04/2024 – 10/07/2024

Fill registration form

Grab one of the exclusive 50 spots for future global trainers – Secure your place by completing the form today!

10/04/2024 – 10/07/2024

Ace the interview

Following the form submission, our organizing team will conduct interviews to ensure your qualification for program admission.

10/04/2024 – 5/07/2024

Secure your spot

If accepted into the Train the Trainers program 2024, you’ll have just 5 days to finalize payment and secure your spot.

16/07/2024 – 20/07/2024

Become a master trainer

We’re putting in tremendous effort to offer this opportunity to Romanian and European trainers. If you’re ready to take your test your training abilities,  don’t hesitate – submit your application today!

About the JCI Mongolia Academy in romania

JCI Mar a safe space to learn.

JCI Mongolia Academy in Romania is the Romanian branch of the Mongolia Academy, which emerged in 2023 from the twinning agreement between JCI Romania and JCI Mongolia. The trainers are united by a common mission to enhance the skills, training themselves, and creating development opportunities for 500,000 members, contributing to their transformation into global leaders and trainers. 

Since the inception of their international engagement in 2018, JCI Mongolia Academy have been privileged to share their expertise on a global stage. Through a rigorous selection process at annual regional conferences, they have identified trainers who have demonstrated exceptional prowess. In 2023, their distinguished trainers delivered highly successful training sessions at various international conferences, including the JCI Asia & Pacific Conference, European Conference, JCI Africa & the Middle East Conference and World Congress

The JCI Mongolia Academy, operating under the umbrella of JCI Mongolia, serves as an organization dedicated to providing soft skills training initiatives aimed at fostering personal growth and development to JCI members & beyond.

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Balanced Training Approach

Our program is thoughtfully designed to ensure you get the best of both worlds. With a 60% focus on training and a 40% emphasis on practical application each day, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of effective training methods.

Limited Spots, Maximum Impact

With limited spots available, you’ll be part of an exclusive group handpicked for this transformative experience, leading to personalized and impactful learning.

Career Opportunities

By participating, you open up the possibility of getting hired or kickstarting your career within top training companies on a global scale, propelling your professional journey forward.

Learn from the Best

Benefit from the expertise of Asian trainers with extensive global experience and know-how. Their insights will elevate your training abilities to new heights.

Certification and Beyond

Upon completion, you’ll receive a certification of achievement and embark on a journey to meet the certification criteria at the Area Level. International participants will acquire practical skills for program development in their local communities and receive support from JCI MaR. The top 10 Romanian participants will have the opportunity to join the prestigious ranks of JCI Mongolia Academy in Romania.


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