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  • 25-28 Nov 2023 – Refugiu Urban
  • 29 Nov 2023 – New York Conference Room, Hotel Marmorosch

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intensive 5 days program

Why we are doing it?

In 2022, our JCI Romania National President Cristina Cerga, initiated a twinning agreement with JCI Mongolia, inspired by their impressive growth and access to best practices. This partnership was formally signed in May, 2023 during the European Conference held in Bucharest.

After numerous meetings and knowledge-sharing sessions, our initial plan was to travel to Mongolia for training. However, we decided to offer this invaluable experience on a larger scale in Romania, accommodating 40 participants instead of just five. To make this possible, we embarked on the journey of establishing the JCI Mongolia Academy in Romania, with unwavering support from both the JCI Mongolia National Board and the JCI Mongolia Academy board.

As a result, we’ve carefully selected the top five trainers who will grace Bucharest this November, conducting five days of intensive training sessions for 40 fortunate participants. The primary objective of this program is to identify the top 10 participants who will play a pivotal role in helping us establish a JCI Mongolia Academy in Romania. They will also be instrumental in running a 5-star certification system for creating Global Trainers within our extensive Global Network, among other exciting endeavors.

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our trainers

Chinzorig Enkhtaivan

Soft Skill Guru Chinzorig Enkhtaivan is an ISO-certified master trainer and business coach. With 15 years of international experience, he has taught over 11,000 hours to 300,000 individuals in 12 countries, making him a highly sought-after expert.
Head Trainer

Samadi Batbold

Samadi Batbold, JCI Mongolia Academy Trainer, brings extensive experience from roles such as President of Altai Holding, President of the Mongolian Kendo Federation, and a successful retail and telecommunications director.

Esunge Ariunbold

Esunge Ariunbold, JCI Mongolia Academy Trainer, achieved the rare 2-STAR status within a year, representing JCI Mongolia at JCI ASPAC 2023. Currently, he holds roles as a CEO at Coach Lab and as JCI SDC Global Chairperson's PA.

Sarnai Ganbat

Sarnai Ganbat is a 2-Star Trainer at JCI Mongolia Academy, currently with over 7 years of dedicated service as a Human Rights Officer and Project Specialist at the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs in Mongolia.

Khishigsaikhan Bund-Ochir

Khishigsaikhan Bund-Ochir, serving as the Chairperson of the JCI Mongolia Academy 2023, is not only a distinguished 2-star trainer but also holds the position of Officer in charge of Emergency and Disaster Preparedness at the Department of Medical Care and Services within the Ministry of Health.

Augustin Stanciu

Future JCI Mongolia Academy Head Trainer of Romania. He is not only a dedicated father of two, but also a fervent enthusiast in the realms of technology, sales with more than 8 years training experience.

Enrollment fees

JCI Members 

Before 15/10/2023

Members of JCI Romania and JCI Europe are encouraged to register for the program to enhance their training skills and contribute to sharing, teaching, and disseminating their knowledge throughout the continent.

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899 €

Non members 

Before 15/10/2023

We extend the registration to non-members of JCI as well. To be eligible for the program, participants must be between 18 and 40 years old. If selected, you will automatically become a part of a JCI and gain the opportunity to share your newfound skills within our extensive global network.

0 spots left

999 €

to register

Between 16/10/2023 – 15/11/2023

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18/09/2023 – 15/11/2023

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About the JCI Mongolia Academy

What is it?

The JCI Mongolia Academy, operating under the umbrella of JCI Mongolia, serves as an organization dedicated to providing soft skills training initiatives aimed at fostering personal growth and development.

At present, JCI Mongolia boasts a cadre of 45 accomplished trainers and 40 discerning judges who actively engage in the delivery of comprehensive personal development training programs for members spanning 17 local JCI Mongolia chapters. Additionally, the capable panel of judges presides over debate and presentation competitions, adding further value to their offerings.

Since the inception of their international engagement in 2018, they have been privileged to share their expertise on a global stage. Through a rigorous selection process at annual regional conferences, they have identified trainers who have demonstrated exceptional prowess. In 2023, six of their distinguished trainers delivered highly successful training sessions at various regional conferences, including four at the JCI Asia & Pacific Conference, one at the European Conference, and one at the 2023 JCI Africa & the middle east Conference.

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Balanced Training Approach

Our program is thoughtfully designed to ensure you get the best of both worlds. With a 60% focus on training and a 40% emphasis on practical application each day, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of effective training methods.

Limited Spots, Maximum Impact

With limited spots available, you’ll be part of an exclusive group handpicked for this transformative experience, leading to personalized and impactful learning.

Career Opportunities

By participating, you open up the possibility of getting hired or kickstarting your career within top training companies on a global scale, propelling your professional journey forward.

Learn from the Best

Benefit from the expertise of Asian trainers with extensive global experience and know-how. Their insights will elevate your training abilities to new heights.

Certification and Beyond

Upon completion, you’ll receive a prestigious international certification. Moreover, if you excel in the examination process, you’ll have the opportunity to be among the top 10 graduates who will establish the JCI Mongolia Academy in Romania. This accomplishment opens doors to the global community, allowing you to train, practice, and gain recognition on an international scale.


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