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Set up a Training/Program

Organizing an event: Learn how to plan and communicate your training. Discover the flow on how to organize a similar program in your local or national organization. Understand time and project management and how to develop opportunities in your community.

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Creating Electronic Visuals

Visual Impact Unleashed: Recognize the significance of electronic visuals in training. Familiarize yourself with best practices and the do’s and don’ts of creating impactful visuals. Learn to distinguish between professional and amateur electronic visuals. Put your skills to the test by creating a powerful PowerPoint (PPT) template.

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Coach to Develop

Unlock Coaching Excellence: Explore the nuances between coaching and feedback, and seize the opportunity to both “do” and “be” a coach. Practice the coaching process to empower personal and professional growth.

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Delivery Dynamics

Master Effective Communication: Explore the renowned Albert Mehrabian communication model and understand the dynamics of effective communication. Amplify your communication skills and boost self-confidence.

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Supportive and Corrective Feedback

Foster Growth and Excellence: Gain the ability to provide constructive feedback that supports participants in improving their strengths. Cultivate a positive mindset for correction and inspire a commitment to continuous improvement.

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Facilitation Skills

Engage and Empower: Develop the skills to create an open and participative learning environment. Learn how to ask the right questions to enhance engagement and adapt your approach for maximum participation.

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High Impact Content

Craft Powerful Training: Discover the secrets to creating high-impact content that resonates with your audience. Master the art of delivering captivating openings and closings that leave a lasting impression. Elevate your message delivery.

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Trainer fundamentals

Unlock the Trainer’s Code: Learn the foundational principles that set professional trainers apart, from distinguishing between life and business skills training to mastering the essential soft skills. Elevate your training approach and ethics.

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